English Learning Materials

Here I’m listing some of the most useful websites I’ve come across to help you with learning different aspects of English. I’ll continue to add to this list over time and I’m always open to any suggestions you might have.

TED Talks

TED Talks can provide intermediate to advanced students with engaging listening practice. Many of the talks also come with transcripts so that you can listen to and read the content.

TED Talk in progress.

Reader’s Digest

This is a treasure trove of stories and articles, written in standard American English and at a level appropriate for most intermediate to advanced students.

The Learning Network – NY Times

When learning a language it’s important not to just read content, but engage with it, too. And that’s where the NY Times’ The Learning Network can be a huge help. Articles are supplemented with discussion questions aimed at American high school students that provide English language students with useful follow-up material.

ESL Conversation Questions

This site provides an impressive list of conversation topics, among other things. Of course, many of these could work as writing topics as well. When you’re trying to get the ball rolling, check out this site for inspiration.

ESL Conversation Questions